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The most important component on a motorcycle is always the rider. If that seems obvious, that's because it is. At least to us. It's why every decision made over the course of this motorcycle's development was based on how it would directly benefit the riding experience. The only innovations you'll find on the 1125R are the ones that make you smoother, quicker, nimbler or more comfortable. From its powerband to its ease of maintenance, it all exists for a reason. And that reason is you.

SUPERIOR HANDLING: Handling has been and always will be the distinguishing characteristic of every Buell® motorcycle. It's where we've always excelled. This is due in large part to the Trilogy of Tech™ design philosopy. Applied to the 1125R, this approach to motorcycle design has created a package that delivers unprecedented control and even greater confidence to the rider.

COMPLETE POWER: When it comes to power, the 1125R delvers. But more importantly, it does so in a way that is uniquely Buell. Instead of focusing exclusively on peak horsepower at the cost of midrange torque and ridability, the engine is cammed for optimal power delivery across the entire rev range. From the low end all the way up to the 10,500 RPM redline, the power is seamless without dips or valleys.

IDEAL RIDER ENVIRONMENT: A comfortable rider is a better rider. That's why considerable time and resources were applied to creating an environment that allows you to focus on riding without distractions such as discomfort or fatigue.

  • Overall Length: 78.6 in.(1996 mm)
  • Overall Width: 28.2 in. (716 mm)
  • Seat Height, Standard: 30.5 in. (775 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 4.5 in. (114 mm)
  • Rake (at Steering Head): 21.0 deg.
  • Fork Angle: 21.0 deg
  • Lean Angle, Soft Contact, Right: 48 deg.
  • Lean Angle, Soft Contact, Left: 48 deg.
  • Lean Angle, Hard Contact, Right: 50 deg.
  • Lean Angle, Hard Contact, Left: 50 deg.
  • Trail: 3.3 in. (84 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 54.6 in. (1387 mm)
  • Tire Type: Pirelli®
  • Front Tires: Diablo Corsa III, 120/70 ZR-17
  • Rear Tires: Diablo Corsa III, 180/55 ZR-17
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.6 gal. (21.2 l)
  • Reserve Fuel Capacity: 0.8 gal. (3.0 l)
  • Dry Weight: 375 lbs. (170 kg)
  • Gross Rating: 850 lbs. (386 kg)
  • Load Capacity: 395 lbs. (179 kg)
  • Engine: Liquid-cooled 1125cc Helicon® V-Twin
  • Valve Train: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, finger follower design & shimming
  • Bore x Stroke: 4.055 in. (103.00 mm) X 2.658 in. (67.50 mm)
  • Displacement: 68.7 cu. in. (1125 cc)
  • Compression Ratio: 12.3:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Dual 61 mm down draft throttle bodies, DDFI III fuel injection
  • Intake: Zero-resistance airbox, Pressurized RAM air intake
  • Exhaust: Tuned, tri-pass resonance chamber with integral helmholtz tuning and mass-centralized mounting
  • Torque (North America per SAE J607): 82 ft. lbs. @ 8000 RPM (111 NM @ 8000 RPM)
  • Horsepower (North America per SAE J607): 146 HP @ 9800 RPM (109 kW @ 9800 RPM)
  • Lubrication: Dry-sump with integrated oil reservoir in lower crankcase
  • Oil Capacity: 4.0 qts. (3.7 l)
  • Oil Filtration: Disposable cartridge
  • Primary Drive: Helical Gear, 0.554:1 (36/65) ratio
  • Final Drive: Constant path, 14 mm pitch aramid-reinforced Goodyear® Hibrex® belt with Flexten® Plus technology, 2.593:1 (70/27) ratio
  • Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, Hydraulic Vacuum Assist (HVA) Slipper Action Clutch, hydraulic clutch lever effort
  • Transmission: 6-speed, straight cut gears
  • 1st Gear Ratio: 2.462
  • 2nd Gear Ratio: 1.750
  • 3rd Gear Ratio: 1.381
  • 4th Gear Ratio: 1.174
  • 5th Gear Ratio: 1.042
  • 6th Gear Ratio: 0.960
  • Frame: Aluminum frame, fuel in frame
  • Front Fork: 47 mm Showa® inverted forks with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
  • Rear Shock: Showa® coil over monoshock with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
  • Wheel Color: Diamond Blue
  • Front Wheels: 6-spoke, ZTL™ cast aluminum, 17 in. (432 mm) (diameter), 3.5 in. (89 mm) (width)
  • Rear Wheels: 6-spoke, cast aluminum, 17 in. (432 mm) (diameter), 5.5 in. (140 mm) (width)
  • Front Brakes: ZTL™-type brake, 8-piston, fixed caliper, 375 mm single sided, inside out, stainless steel, floating rotor
  • Rear Brake: Two-piston, direct mount caliper, 240 mm stainless steel, fixed rotor
  • Front Suspension Travel: 4.72 in. (120 mm)
  • Rear Suspension Travel: 5.00 in. (127 mm)
  • Battery: Sealed lead acid, maintenance-free, 12V, 12 amp/hour, 200 cca (per Battery Council International Rating)
  • Charging:32-amp, permanent magnet, three-phase, solid-state alternator with solid-state regulator (432W @ 7000 rpm, 432W peak)
  • Starting: 900W electric with one way clutch
  • Headlamps Type: Six bulb headlamp system with daylight running mode, 35-watt [H8]
  • Headlamps Description: 70-watt low beam (Two bulbs, each 35-watt), 140-watt high beam (70-watt low beam with additional two bulbs, each 35-watt)
  • Tail/Stop Lights: 5W/21W
  • Turn Signal Lights: LED manual canceling
  • License Plate Light: 5W
  • Instrument cluster with ODIS (Onboard Diagnostic Information System) featuring Analog tachometer with integrated shift light, digital speedometer on LED display, odometer, ODIS service code display, 4-digit security system with ignition immobolizer, lap timer (records up to 99 lap times) and splits, ambiant air temperature, coolant temperature, average and instanteous fuel consumption, miles to next service display, low fuel (plus miles traveled on reserve); high beam, neutral, turn signals; clock
  • Available Colors: Midnight Black; Diamond Blue Frame
  • Warranty: 24 months (unlimited mileage)
Superior Handling
  • Buell® Intuitive Response Chassis™ (IRC): Made in the USA, the new Buell IRC is the stiffest chassis ever offered by Buell. A new process called ablation casting provides extraordinary solidification rates and exceptionally high mechanical properties, resulting in a frame that is 10 pounds lighter than prior designs. The engine also plays a significant role in the rigidity as it was specifically designed as an integrated part of the chassis. The frame doubles as the fuel reservoir and has a capacity of 5.6 gallons. Inside Frame construction includes airflow channels to push air though the engine compartment. The channel and frames design creates a low-pressure area behind the engine, drawing hot air out the back. The rigid chassis delivers a predictable and intuitive response with enhances precision and agility though the corners, which yields a more confident ride. The rider is in complete control.
  • Front Suspension: Fully adjustable Showa® 47mm inverted front forks and new triple clamps stiffen the torsional response of the front end and improve steering response. Spring rates and damping are tuned to optimize the handling response and ride quality, yielding maximum tire grip on all road surfaces and sport riding conditions. Fully adjustable preload, compression damping, and rebound allow riders to customize their rider, for exceptional feel and increased rider confidence. A new fixed busing slides against the hard-chrome surface of the front fork tube, reducing friction. Inverted forks reduce unsprung weight by having the heavier components be attached to the sprung side of the chassis. 47mm forks were chosen to match the stiffness distribution of the rest of the chassis. Triple clamps sport a 25th Anniversary logo.
  • Rear Shock/Spring Unit: The fully adjustable Showa® rear shock/spring features and external piggyback reservoir to dissipate heat. The shock is mounted directly between the frame and the swimarm without linkage. The off-center placement of the shock optimizes the airflow path though the bike and reduces weight and complexity by eliminating the need for linkage. Fully adjustable preload, compression damping, and rebound allow riders to customize their ride.
  • ZTL2™ (Zero Torsional Lead) Front Braking System: The ZTL2™ front brake utilizes an eight-piston caliper developed for the Buell® XBRR™ racing motorcycle. A single 375mm rotor mounts directly to the rim, producing outstanding stopping power. In addition, the caliper casting is optimized for clamping stiffness, yielding a more progressive and connected braking feel to the rider. The eight-piston design affords even pressure distribution over each of the four pads in the caliper and allows a larger pad surface, providing optimum heat dissipation capability. Braking forces applied directly to rim instead of through the spokes produce outstanding stopping power and a light wheel design. Also, the brake assembly design weighs significantly less than a dual disc system, contributing to a reduction in upsprung weight. The front brakes are fitted with steel braided brake lines, which provide optimum braking performance and a better correlation of lever pressure to brake pressure, resulting in an improved brake feel.
  • Rear Brake: The rear brake utilizes a two-piston caliper and a 240mm stainless steel rotor. The caliper is mounted directly to the inner surface of the swingarm - hidden from view - and weighs 1.5 pounds less than a typical carrier-equipped rear caliper system. The unique hidden design provides superior stopping power and reduces unsprung weight on the swingarm. Steel braided rear brake lines provide optimum braking performance and better correlation of lever pressure to brake pressure, for improved brake feel. 6-Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels: The elimination of brake torque going though the wheel spokes makes possible and extremely light wheel, reducing steering inertia and unsprung weight for exceptional feel and agility. This is just one of the many benefits of the ZTL2™ braking system. The low unsprung weight keeps the tires on the road, enhancing control though improved suspension and braking response.
  • Pirelli® Diablo Corsa III Tires: This premium high-performance tire features a three-zone compound for optimum street and track use. The tire provides premium brand quality with versatility for road and track.
Complete Power
  • Helicon™ Engine Overview: Exclusive to Buell: Rather than design to a specific racing classification, the Buell® 1125cc, liquid-cooled, 72 degree V-Twin Helicon™ engine was developed to meet a rider experience and ride quality specification - both in terms of power output and how it contributes to the overall performance of the 1125R. Detailed specifications for the engine were provided by Buell and the design was complete in partnership with BRP-Rotax®, a premier worldwide recreational engine manufacturer.
  • Compact, Lightweight Design: The tight, compact engine design contributes to mass centralization and tight chassis geometry. The increased forward weight distribution and chassis rigidity provided by the solid-mounted engine contribute to the precise handling of the 1125R.
  • 72-degree V-Twin: The 72-degree V-angle creates a compact engine and allows additional weight to be distributed to the front of the bike. It also allows for packaging of an optimum downdraft fuel intake system, thereby lowering the CG as well. Dry Sump Oiling with Integrated Reservoir in the Lower Crankcase: The dry sump system reduces internal windage losses, while the integrated sump contributes to the low center of gravity and eliminates the need for an external oil reservoir. The dry sump also improves power by increasing efficiency. The integrated oil reservoir at the lower left side of the engine keeps the engine compact and the fluids low, for optimal mass centralization.
  • Helicon™ Engine Overview: Optimum Displacement: 1125cc give this engine the right bore (103mm) and stroke (67.5mm) combination to deliver its superbike power - 146 horsepower and 82 ft./lbs. of torque, with a redline of 10,500 RPM. The broad powerband gives the rider smooth, useable power (without large dips) over the entire RPM range on the road or track.Look, Feel and Sound: The V-Twin engine delivers all the character and superior ride experience you expect on a Buell®. The compact design optimizes the vehicle center of gravity, staying true to the Trilogy of Tech. The 61mm downdraft intake system provides instant throttle response while broadening the powerband. 103.3mm Bore and 67.5mm Stroke with Low-inertia Flywheel: Big bore equals better engine breathing and allows for larger valves, which result in more power. The short stroke and low-inertia flywheel makes for a quick-revving engine and smooth shifting, for complete power and performance.
  • Crankshaft: The Helicon Engine™ uses a single piece forged crankshaft reducing mass and rotational inertia. Primary balancing with Three Internal Shafts: This design reduces chassis weight by minimizing vibration isolation requirements. It also enhances the rider experience by producing a smooth, powerful ride.
  • Valve Train: Dual Overhead Cams with Hydraulic Self-adjusting Chain Drive, Four Valves: The chain-drive, single-cam (per cylinder) design contributes to the engines' compact design. The intake cam is gear driven off of the intake cam. This requires less space over the cylinder head than a three-sprocket design, reduces weight, and allows the engine to be located further forward. The cam drive system reduces rotation inertia, allowing a quicker revving engine. It also allows for constant chain tension, increasing chain life.
  • Magnesium, Valve Covers: These durable, high performance components are lightweight to help lower the overall vehicle weight and maximize performance. Valve Angle and Size: A reduced valve angle of 14 degrees and large valve size create a compact head design for better mass centralization. The reduced angle also allows for straighter intake runners and downdraft fuel injection system for excellent fuel atomization.
  • Finger Follower Valve Lifter: Valves are actuated with finger followers and adjusted with shims. Derived from F-1 race technology, this design reduces weight and friction to permit a quicker valve opening. The unique follower retainment system makes shim replacement quick and easy. A straighter push on the valve creates a steep valve angle and a downdraft fuel injection system, all in a light, tight head design. The steep valve angle allows for the packaging of larger valves, which maximize horsepower and torque for this engine configuration. The follower retention system permits easy valve clearance adjustment and reduces reciprocating mass, allowing for a quick-revving engine and eliminating valve float.
  • Camshafts: Four overhead hollow high-lift cams reduce rotating inertia for a quick-revving engine. This increase lifts and improves fuel and exhaust flows. Silent Cam Chain: The six-row compact timing chain provides strong and quiet operation for a long life. Tooth links engage the cam and crank sprockets in a more durable "fully flexible" design that allows the chain to bend both ways, is easier to install, and assures accurate valve timing.
  • Closed-Loop Fuel Injection System with DDFI3 EFI 61mm Dual Throttle Bodies: This efficient, closed-loop system provides constant feedback to the ECU based on the environment, resulting in smoother throttle operating and better fuel economy. Dual 61mm throttle bodies allow for superior air intake and optimum engine performance, with immediate throttle response in any environment. An all new exhaust features a large-volume muffler mounted below the engine to optimize cg location and mass centralization. The large, 12 -liter airbox optimizes air intake and feeds the 61mm throttle bodies, providing excellent air flow. The RAM air system pressurizes the airbox for performance gains at speeds. The downdraft intake system has new 61mm throttle bodies, electronics, and ECU. Two injectors with six-holes-per-intake runners (mated-to-straight) provide a clean path for the downdraft fuel system. The air and fuel system provides increased power delivery throughout the power curve by providing better air flow and fuel atomization. The muffler has a Helmholtz chamber at the front to aid in noise abatement.
  • Drive Train: Oblique Stack Transmission: This configuration stacks the primary and secondary drives to yield a compact design. It also allows for forward placement of the swingarm pivot, providing room for a longer swingarm, and contributes to mass centralization and compact engine design. The extended swingarm allows increased front weight distribution and aids in anti-squat, as well as improved suspension response.
  • Compensated Front Sprocket: This design reduces the engine pulses felt in the drivetrain. The placement contributes to low unsprung weight by locating this function in the transmission output sprocket rather than the wheel sprocket.
  • 6-speed, Close-Ratio Transmission in an Oblique Stacked Configuration: This efficient design minimizes overall powertrain length and allows the engine to be optimally paced within the chassis. Gear ratios are selection to allow the engine to remain within its optimum power band at various operating speeds, providing the rider the right gear on any rider and in any situation.
  • Hydraulic Vacuum Assist Slipper Action Clutch: The HVA slipper-action clutch features hydraulic actuation from the hand control with assistance from the engine vacuum for smooth and light clutch effort. The vacuum assist also produces the same effect as a slipper clutch for more controlled engine braking during high-speed down shifts.
  • Buell® Immediate Throttle Response™ System: Features an idler pulley that keeps the secondary drive tension constant. The benefits of the unique system is what feels like a direct connection between the throttle and the rear wheel. There's no lash or hesitation.
  • Goodyear® Hibrex® Final Drive Belt with Flexten® Plus Technology: This durable, high-performance belt weighs only 1.06 pounds, compared to 4-5 pounds for drive chains. The belt system is clean, quiet, and extremely strong, for less maintenance and more time to ride.
  • Ignition: Coil-over Plug Design: The compact design increased durability and optimizes wire routing while improving the durability of the ignition system. The absence of high voltage wires means no voltage leaks and no misfire due to "bad" plug wires. Using individual coils for each spark plug also means that coils have more time between each firing. Increasing the "coil saturation" time (The time the voltage to the coil is on to build up its magnetic field) increase the coil output voltage at high RPM, when a misfire is more apt to occur under load.
Ideal Rider Environment
  • Front Fairing and Quiet Zone™ Cockpit: Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and the experience gained in the development of the Buell® XBRR™ racing motorcycle were used to refine the air flow around the rider. The aerodynamic front fairing and windshield shape optimize airflow over and around the rider - direct contributing factors to the Quiet Zone™ cockpit. This provides an enhanced rider experience with reduces drag and increased comfort.
  • Radiator Cowlings: Side-mounted radiator cowling position and shape were aerodynamically optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics. The cowlings capture free flowing air and an internal splitter divides the airflow into tow separate streamlines. Streamlines are generated through and over the radiator, creating a pressure differential which pulls additional air though the core. The cowlings then direct the hot air around and off the rider for increased comfort.
  • Headlamps: The Headlamps are incorporated into the front fairing and feature a six-bulb headlight system, providing brilliant road illumination at night. In daylight running mode, two headlights are illuminated, for enhanced conspicuity and a "balanced" look.
  • LED Turn Signals: The front turn signals employ the latest in LED technology for illumination and are incorporated into the aerodynamic mirror housing, resulting in a reduction of parts (no separate turn signals). The placement and brilliance of 33 LEDs make it easy for others to see where you're going, and a long 5 1/2" mirror stalk extends the mirror, providing excellent rear view visibility for the rider.
  • Instrument Cluster with ODIS (Onboard Diagnostic Information System): The compact, easy-to-read instrument cluster features next-generation technology, including: a large analog tachometer; a digital speedometer on a LED screen with a 50-degree angle of view; a 4-digit security code system that immobilizes the ignition; a lap timer and splits; ambient air temperature readout; coolant temperature readout; two trip odometers; average and instantaneous fuel consumption readout; reserve fuel miles readout; clock; and an ODIS service code display system. These instruments enhance the rider experience with features designed for bother the track and the road. A switch gear is pre-wired for easy installation of heated grips (optional) and other accessory enhancement capabilities.
  • Adjustable Levers: The brake and clutch levers adjust for easy reach by any size rider. The foot controls (brake and shifter) feature toe pegs that adjust to the rider's foot size. This feature is designed with the rider in mind, maximizing easy of operation and enhancing all-day riding comfort.
  • Athletic Rider Ergonomics: Rider ergonomics offer an athletic riding position with a relaxed foot peg location, enhancing rider comfort without hindering clearance in cornering situations.
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Engine Type
Liquid-cooled 1125cc Helicon® V-Twin
68.7 cu. in. (1125 cc)
Bore and Stroke
4.055 in. (103.00 mm) X 2.658 in. (67.50 mm)
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
Dual 61 mm down draft throttle bodies, DDFI III fuel injection


Front Suspension
Front Suspension: Travel: 4.72 in. (120 mm); Front Fork: 47 mm Showa® inverted forks with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension: Travel: 5.00 in. (127 mm); Rear Shock: Showa® coil over monoshock with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
Front Brakes
ZTL™-type brake, 8-piston, fixed caliper, 375 mm single sided, inside out, stainless steel, floating rotor
Rear Brakes
Two-piston, direct mount caliper, 240 mm stainless steel, fixed rotor
Front Tire
Tire Type: Pirelli®; Front Tires: Diablo Corsa III, 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire
Lean Angle, Hard Contact, Left: Pirelli®; Rear Tires: Diablo Corsa III, 180/55 ZR-17


54.6 in. (1387 mm)
Seat Height
30.5 in. (775 mm)
21.0 deg.
3.3 in. (84 mm)
Fuel Capacity
Fuel Capacity: 5.6 gal. (21.2 l); Reserve Fuel Capacity: 0.8 gal. (3.0 l)
Dry Weight
375 lbs. (170 kg)


Primary Drive: Helical Gear, 0.554 1 (36/65) ratio; Clutch: Wet, multi-plate, Hydraulic Vacuum Assist (HVA) Slipper Action Clutch, hydraulic clutch lever effort; Transmission: 6-speed, straight cut gears
Final Drive
Constant path, 14 mm pitch aramid-reinforced Goodyear® Hibrex® belt with Flexten® Plus technology, 2.593 1 (70/27) ratio


Midnight Black; Diamond Blue Frame
24 months (unlimited mileage)